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Tea With Kip began with having tea parties at home with family and friends. I was blessed with boys so I coerced all of my friends, their daughters and granddaughters to do girly things with me .  Now I have two amazing daughters in law and four grandchildren to enjoy all the "pretties" with!

None of this would have been possible without my Sweet Jesus. I am a blessed gal! I am grateful to say that I have never experienced a day without Him by my side.  Every day I give Him all the glory for allowing me to enjoy what I do and be with such special folks. I never know what adventure the next Tea will bring and I enjoy making memories and seeing those sweet smiles. Feeding and loving on people are my two favorite hobbies and how lucky am I that I get to do it daily?

I grew up in rural North Carolina. Where did you think this twang was from? I do not remember being taught to cook. I think it is just something every Carolina Girl does. Most of my menus come from food I have been preparing my entire life. Who says all things tea need to be dainty? I want folks to leave my tea house feeling full and loved! Everything is made from scratch and all in my head. I could not follow a recipe if my life depended on it!  Not having the pretty dishes as a child prompted my collection. Homer Laughlin dishes and pink depression ware are my favorites. I love setting the tables in the tea house! My son tells me I just have an adult playhouse!

Let me tell you about my boys and grand babies! Can you say proud momma and Gigi? My Sons are the most amazing young men I know. Not because they are so patient with their momma, but because of the good they put forth every day. They are wonderful husbands and fathers. This is evidenced by my beautiful daughters in law and grandchildren. The greatest gifts these boys gave me were Dana, Carson, Elijah, Bobby, Lilly, and Isla. I love having the grand babies at the tea house! They love it almost as much as Gigi does.

I would be remiss not to tell you about my girlfriends and tea buddies. Joyce, Dawn, Rose, and I meet monthly for tea to catch up and share each other's lives and adventures. These sweet ladies bring me so much joy in the form of tea and friendship. My wish is that everyone has a tea group to share secrets with while sipping tea from a beautiful tea cup. I have the best support group a gal could ask for and hope the same for you! 

My Sweet Rose (Rosebud) introduced me to formal teas. She is my tea connoisseur. She patiently answers ALL tea related questions and is my sounding board. She understands my unconventional way of thinking and encourages me to "do it my way". God smiled on me the day he placed Rosebud in my life.


Precious Bonnie is the kind of sister friend every girl should have. My rock, my dependable, all in one friend. She is my shopper extraordinaire. Chances are one of the beautiful place settings came from her. Check out the shop, Barefoot Nook, and you will see what I mean. Most of the treasures were painstakingly chosen by Bonnie.

Brenda Sue. Brenda Sue. Brenda Sue. She is my bestie and usually my tea house side kick, She is the sister that God gave me. Most days, you will hear us bickering like sisters but it is in good fun. If you happen to overhear me call her, "Hussy", "Heifer", or "Wench" please do not panic. Those are terms of endearment between us. It's my way of telling her I love her! She is my favorite girly girl!

My Dawnie Dawn. I think she is possibly the strongest gal I know. She is business savvy with a down to earthiness that everyone loves. She is my go-to-solver-of-all-problems . When I grow up I'm gonna be just like this beautiful woman. She encourages all my shenanigans and I think she should be held responsible for any trouble I get into at the tea house.

Of course, there are many more and I love each one dearly. They each bring a special quality to my life and I love each precious one. I have made so many new friends through the tea house. I say "friends" but in truth, everyone becomes family with me.  If you have had tea with me, Thank You!  If you are thinking about it, what are you waiting for? I promise to make your experience with Tea With Kip as special as you are!

                                                                                             Hugs and Love,


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